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Dr. Cory Hennessey of Innate Health Sheds Light on How Quitting Smoking Can Significantly Alleviate Neuropathic Symptoms

Los Angeles, California, 3rd April 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, Dr. Cory Hennessey, D.C., a provider in neuropathy treatment and founder of Innate Health, highlights the profound impact of smoking cessation on neuropathic symptoms. Through a comprehensive examination of the relationship between smoking and neuropathy, Dr. Hennessey reveals the significant benefits of quitting smoking in managing and alleviating neuropathic pain and discomfort.

Neuropathy, a condition characterized by nerve damage resulting in pain, numbness, and tingling, poses substantial challenges for individuals seeking relief. While conventional treatments often focus on symptom management, Dr. Hennessey emphasizes the importance of addressing modifiable risk factors, such as smoking, to mitigate neuropathic symptoms effectively.

“Smoking is not only harmful to overall health but also has detrimental effects on nerve function and circulation,” explains Dr. Hennessey. “By quitting smoking, individuals can significantly reduce their risk of developing or exacerbating neuropathy, leading to improved quality of life and well-being.”

Cigarette smoke, Dr. Hennessey notes, contains numerous harmful chemicals that can damage blood vessels and impair circulation, leading to reduced oxygen and nutrient delivery to the nerves. This decreased blood flow, he says, can exacerbate nerve damage and contribute to the progression of neuropathy. Additionally, Dr. Hennesy notes, smoking has been linked to increased inflammation and oxidative stress, further exacerbating nerve dysfunction.

“Quitting smoking is one of the most impactful steps individuals can take to support nerve health and alleviate neuropathic symptoms,” states Dr. Hennessey. “By eliminating exposure to harmful toxins found in cigarettes, individuals can promote nerve regeneration and improve overall circulation, leading to reduced pain and improved nerve function.”

According to Dr. Cory Hennessey, research has shown that individuals who quit smoking experience improvements in nerve function and a reduction in neuropathic symptoms over time. By quitting smoking, he says, individuals can improve blood flow to the nerves, reduce inflammation, and promote nerve healing, leading to significant improvements in neuropathic pain and discomfort.

In addition to the direct benefits of quitting smoking on nerve health, Dr. Hennesy says, smoking cessation also offers numerous other health benefits. Individuals who quit smoking, he adds, experience improvements in cardiovascular health, respiratory function, and overall well-being. By quitting smoking, Dr. Cory Hennessey notes, individuals can reduce their risk of developing other smoking-related health conditions, leading to a longer and healthier life.

“Quitting smoking is a challenging but rewarding journey that can significantly improve overall health and well-being,” says Dr. Hennessey. “By seeking support from healthcare professionals, utilizing smoking cessation resources, and adopting healthy lifestyle habits, individuals can successfully quit smoking and experience profound improvements in neuropathic symptoms and overall quality of life.”

Dr. Cory Hennessey is the founder of Innate Healthcare, and has more than twelve years of experience in treating neuropathy. His patient-centered approach focuses on addressing the underlying causes of neuropathy and promoting holistic healing and wellness. Dr. Hennessey and the entire team at Innate Healthcare are fully focused on empowering individuals to find natural solutions for neuropathic symptoms. The primary goal at Innate Health is to ensure that patients don’t have to be exposed to potentially addictive prescription medications in treating neuropathy. 

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