$DKWON : A Community Led Project discussing their Strategies and Growth

Our greatest viral marketing efforts are yet to begin, and this Press Release will provide a small teaser of the immense marketing campaigns we have planned to make the entire crypto community worldwide (particularly investors of Terra Luna) of Do Kwon Inu — $DKWON.

We have one goal, pushing $DKWON to be the most viral meme of 2022, inundating CT with our presence, and instilling in everyone an innate desire to buy DKWON and be a part of the movement. With more and more of the LUNC, LUNA and UST investors joining our ranks, we are increasing our marketing efforts aimed at these communities.


Do Kwon Inu will have representatives at international blockchain events, which are attended by thousands of crypto investors and Crypto Twitter influencers. We’re currently designing, and printing hard copy marketing material that will be put into the hands of every attendee. Do Kwon Inu’s comical MOST WANTED posters will be a physical meme designed for attendees to share and tweet about, spreading our token further that just the events. We anticipate for these posters will end up being shared widely online; “I attended this event and this token was handing out Wanted posters for Do Kwon!”.

We are hiring people to distribute posters at the following events:


DUBAI CRYPTO EXPO — October 5 + 6


Terraform Labs headquarters is situated in 7/F 102 Jungang-daero, Jung-gu in South Korea. We are communicating with outdoor marketing agencies to secure a Billboard near the HQ, featuring a taunting meme but also the $DKWON logo. The aim? Retribution for LUNA holders, and a massive display of hatred to Terra Luna. We anticipate this will be well received by the wider community, and in response $DKWON will be at the tip of everyone’s tongues. An ETA for this will be announced soon once a deal has been finalised with the advertising agency.


The most important aspect of a meme coin is the memes. We have a community of incredible contributors, and we are also paying some of the most creative minds in the space for memes, including an ex-Hollywood film editor creating video content. We intend for DKWON to take over twitter with high quality, relevant and fun content. This is a meme everyone can get behind and his imminent arrest will bring even more attention from CT.


We have been securing partnerships with accounts who have strong mainstream reach. You will see mentions of DKWON from some (more) of the biggest influencers in the space very (very) soon.


The foundation of our success is our community. We are incredibly grateful for the strong and hyped community that is already building around the token. With over ___ holders in just two days we have incredible momentum. We will be holding regular spaces (official and community) and working towards rewarding and uniting the community in a number of ways as we progress and grow.


While Twitter is our main focus, we will be taking our marketing multi-platform. We will be building an advertising and organic marketing presence on Stockwits, Reddit, TikTok and Instagram. LUNA was a mainstream retail coin and our marketing efforts are designed to capture the interest of investors who may not usually invest in the meme coin space.

Although we are a zero-tax coin, we believe it is our responsibility as the founders of this amazing community to do everything in our power to bring DKWON to the attention of all those affected by the downfall on LUNA, as well as the wider crypto market. We have a long- term vision and a team consisting of developers, marketing specialists and design wizards.

Chart: https://www.dextools.io/app/ether/pair-explorer/0xad096a3045da9f663a89c172dff16361c43b0dec

Website: www.dokwoninueth.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dokwoninueth

Community Telegram: http://t.me/dokwoninueth

Disclaimer: The views, suggestions, and opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the experts. No Master of Financial journalist was involved in the writing and production of this article.